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By grabbing a curious looking amulet, you were transported to an alternate realm. A world where humans were thought to be extinct. You wake up to find yourself as the only human in a world inhabited by demons. Upon meeting a woman named Serena, she then escorts you to her living quarters where her mysterious family resides. By making decisions you will begin to uncover what happened to humans, and why humans and demons were at war, in The Relic.

Script: Mel
assets from:SilverHyena, Yunaroe, Melt, Kevin MacLeod, Konett, JakeBowkett
(more specific credits in the actual game credits)

If your art/music etc. is featured and you aren't listed here (and/or want your work to be removed) please let me know


TheRelic-Version1.2r-pc.zip 98 MB
TheRelic-Version1.2r-mac.zip 81 MB
TheRelicV12r-1.2-release.apk 96 MB

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another chapter :[?

Dont suppose you're looking for a proofreader are you? I'd be more than happy to lend a hand :3

is there romance with demon girl in this game?

sorry for the rather late reply,

It is the main focus of this game.

Interesting premise, you got a few grammar errors you should look over. 

The struggles of being a foreigner *Nervous laugh*

I'll look it again. Thanks for the feedback.

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Good start, I'm anxious to play the rest of the game when you finish it.

Thank you very much for playing my Visual Novel.

I hope that I won't dissapoint anyone with the next Chapters.