Android version is out! Finally!

After multiple hours of tinkering with files (in the game aswell as in the engine) the Android APK for version 1.0 is finally available!

Enjoy this finished litle Visual Novel of mine on the go and stay tuned for further installments!

  • A Sequel Novel is in the works this time I have a pretty talented co-writer at my side!
  • I'm making an RPG which will be released... eventually (I don't feel like it's public release worthy in it's current state  but discord members get to play the Wip builds [My own Discord aswell as the one of the person the RPG is about] once I fixed eventual game breaks)
  • I'm working on a lil treat if this Visual Novel hits it's New Years Eve download goal (nothing story relevant, just a lil something earpleasing)


TheRelicV10-1.0-release.apk 93 MB
Dec 16, 2017

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